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  • You may be spending more on taxes than you should; otherwise, you wouldn't be here. What if we told you that we could make the burden of accounting, tax preparation, bookkeeping and payroll, a thing of the past? With Logica Accounting Services, you get smooth and excellent accounting solutions in one place. You get top-quality services delivered within stringent deadlines by picking us. We know that the Tax Laws can be confusing, but we can help.

  • We have been helping businesses for close to 50 years to keep their money and lower their tax bills using legal methods and strategies. Our personalized bookkeeping services focus on reducing our clients' accounting expenses by helping them with their finance management, tax preparation and invoice processing needs. We are proficient in the primary duties, track payables and receivables and document all of your business's economic transactions.

Tax Consultants at Logica Accounting Services offer Accounting, Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping and more.

Why is it essential to hire a professional?

"Money never sleeps. Money is a jealous lover." you may have heard these sayings? If you ignore money, it will avoid you. Or worse, it will leave you for those who make it a priority. Thousands of company owners get to the end of the year and wonder how much they have spent? Are you one of those, or do you know how much your earnings were in the last year or even the last month? Are you making more this year?

In such a situation, knowledge is power. You need solid numbers to run your business to ensure you spend funds on the right things and ultimately have more money in your pocket.

Set up a free consultation today and see how Logica Accounting Services can help you.

Logica Accounting Services offers Sales Tax Services, Tax Preparation Services and more.


At Logica Accounting Services, we are customer-centric, serving our clients excellence and keeping the accounting and finance sectors accurate and transparent. We connect one’s business with the emerging technology and innovations for making accounting better and investing our resources that build a robust foundation for any organization. We are a one-stop accounting firm covering everything from A to Z accounting. Including, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Sales tax, and Tax filing.  


  • Tax Services Long Beach

    Sales Tax Services

    Filing a correct sales tax return needs precision. It’s also crucial that you make timely payments to avoid penalties and added interest. If you are finding it difficult to file your returns, we can assist. At Logica Accounting Services, we’ll start by speaking to your state tax commission and establishing a plan to get you back on track. 

  • Tax Preparation Services Long Beach

    Tax preparation services

    For better or worse, taxes touch our lives. They affect your professional, individual and family goals. At Logica Accounting Services, we know this and understand how people have difficulty keeping up with the ever-evolving and complex tax laws. So, to make your work easier, we help you file your returns while minimizing your tax liability.


Logica Accounting Services

Small Business CPA and Bookkeeper in Long Beach, CA

At Logica Accounting Services, we’re all about prioritizing our clients and getting positive balances. That means applying emerging technology but still building genuine relationships with clients regardless of how big or small. Evolving with the ever-changing market but recognizing the fundamental values makes us who we are. When you contact one of our financial specialists, we thoroughly evaluate your organization’s current economic status and future business goals.


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