Startups Services in Long Beach, CA

Long Beach Startups Accountants & Consultants

Whether you are in USA or another country, we will help you establish your business, grow it, and eventually sell it (if this is your target).

We offer startups Accounting, Bookkeeping, Tax, CFO “Chief Financial Officer”, & Consulting Services. Our comprehensive startup accounting service helps founders get solid financial metrics to plan, manage, and operate their business and have them ready for VC due diligence.

Our Services:

  • Incorporate/Establish your business from scratch in a tax-friendly state.
  • Set up business bank accounts in USA (for international investors).
  • Help with drafting legal documents for current and future investors.
  • Keep your business in compliance with all federal & state laws.
  • Walk you through different funding phases: Seed, Series A, Series B or Series C stage.
  • Potentially connecting you with US fund-raising/investor network
  • Planning tax-efficient exit strategies (for founders aiming to exit their startups in the future)

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