Payroll Services

Many prospects approach us for payroll services as they are done dealing with big names because they don’t get quick responses to their inquiries on a timely manner. Dealing with such giant payroll services, you are one of thousands and you have to wait for your turn in order for someone to respond to your request.
Most of the times you would wait between 24-48 hours for someone to respond to your inquiry.

What should you expect from Logica’s payroll services?

  • A payroll system that is a match to big names -if not better- while you have a white-glove, prompt response when you need one.
  • Payroll service includes automatic tax filing, automatic tax payments, as well as automatic form submissions.
  • Direct deposit to your staff bank accounts.
  • Unlike giant payroll services where you -or your staff- login to enter data and process payroll, with us you don’t even need to do any data entry, we take care of this for you.

With Logica you get peace of mind, as we deliver the best of both worlds, a dedicated white-glove service backed with a top-notch payroll system, all with a competitive cost.