COVID-19, What’s Next?

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With the number of changes taking place through the pandemic, especially when it comes to accounting, many people and companies needed assistance with their accounts. Companies were changing their processes and handling virtual meetings, while remote working was becoming the norm. 

There are enough processes and information available to allow people to handle it themselves when it comes to accounting. However, there is a lot that they might not know, which could cause them to miss out on schemes, new rules, changes to the rules, decrease in the tax rates, delay in filing dates, and so on that they could benefit from if they were coordinating with an accounting firm on a regular basis.

COVID made working at any office challenges, we had to move to a virtual environment, where we work remotely in the office. We would meet and conduct periodic meetings with clients via screen-share. We were making sure we were seeing the same information that the clients were seeing and explaining the process to them, so they knew what was happening.

Utilizing the new remote work/virtual meetings reality, we are communicating with our clients smoothly and effectively over, doing it in person. Overall, however, we have been working remotely with most of them and barely getting into an office.

There was a positive side as well, which was the enhanced efficiency and productivity, and Safety from not having to travel to an office. Our clients now save time commuting and get things done through a safer way of meeting, so it is not bad after all.

A few people were coming in because they needed information and files left behind at the office, and we had to make sure they were safe. We were only allowing a limited number of people to come to the office only with appointments, no walk-ins allowed. We made sure everyone coming in followed the six feet distance limit and would space out and get things done.

While there were a few changes that we were getting through across the board, we made sure that we were not making changes to the few things that we could hold through. When it comes to our working hours, we ensured that we were getting through the process following the same timings that we were spending in the past. If anything, there were moments where we were putting in some additional hours to make sure that our clients were happy.

We used a secure platform before the COVID-19 hit, and are using the same one now, so all the information we work with is well protected. The software we are working with is MS OneDrive, and it has served us well when it comes to sharing files and protecting their contents.

We prefer to work remotely because of the efficiency and safety aspects. After all, we are not commuting. Additionally, it is a lot safer because we are not meeting and interacting with one another. The only challenge that we have to get through is meetings with the clients who would be more suited to meeting in person, but that is quite unlikely to happen.

When it comes to the work we handle, we have to know what we are doing and how we get through the process. We work with clients and use any platforms they are comfortable with because we do not want to make a challenging process tougher. Otherwise, we are open to getting through the process without too much trouble. M.S. teams and Zoom, are the most popular, but there are others that we have to work with from time to time.

We take part in virtual public events and business Expos whenever we have the opportunity. It assists with creating awareness about the brand and the work that we do.

COVID-19 showed that we can save time and still deliver the same work. We can enhance our products without sacrificing the quality of our work. Clients showed greater flexibility, and now they are more receptive to the remote work environment that most of our clients are happy with.

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